Our hygienists work closely with the dentists. They thoroughly clean your teeth removing plaque, tartar and stains creating an environment for yours gums to return to optimal health.

Hygienists teach oral hygiene techniques individually tailored to your needs to try to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. They also educate children in the importance of good brushing and diet giving them the very best chance of staying free of decay.


Preventative dentistry describes the current philosophy that aims to prevent the damaging effects of tooth decay and gum disease. In most people these dental diseases are almost entirely preventable, a fact which is well documented.

The concept of preventative dentistry is that we, as dental professionals, help our patients achieve and maintain the goal of ideal oral health by together developing a regime of home care that is effective and efficient. By monitoring your achievements with regular reviews, we should be able to ensure that your mouth is maintained in a really healthy condition. Careful dental examinations can reveal the very start of gum disease and tooth decay, long before any invasive treatment is required. Our response to these findings is to help our patients move back onto the path of dental health, often simply by making suggestions about diet and cleaning technique.

If a tooth does become damaged, it is, of course, possible to repair it with a filling, veneer or crown. This restorative dentistry is also part of preventative care, because the repairs should fit accurately and be easily maintained. Our attention to detail in the restorative dentistry we provide enables our patients to look after things properly, with the expectation that the treatment will last for a very long time.

The basic message is simple:

  • Clean all of your teeth surfaces effectively each and every day using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Manage your diet taking as little sugar as possible.

The whole team at The Causeway Dental Practice is totally committed to working with our patients to help them achieve and maintain the ideal goal of healthy teeth for life.


Periodontist is an expert in all aspects of gum disease. The Dentist or hygienist will refer you to see a Periodontist if they have detected any signs of gum disease severe or progressive.

Achieving a healthy gum condition is the key issue in the maintenance of good oral health. We know that, unfortunately, about 15% of the population is very susceptible to gum disease and the people in that group could suffer the loss of teeth earlier than necessary if appropriate treatment is not obtained.

At The Causeway we will encourage all our patients to see our hygienists, who will help with the aim of achieving and maintaining a healthy gum condition and preventing other dental problems arising. For those patients who require more involved treatment for their gum condition a referral to a periodontal specialist might be reommened.

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